How it Works

On Delegation Station, “employers” post their tasks.  Our website will then cleverly find “freelancers” who would be a good fit for the task.  We contact them and invite them to create a specific proposal.  A maximum of seven proposals get sent to the employer.  The employer can then view these proposals in their dashboard.  At any time the employer can select the best candidate for their task and contact them through the project page.

Freelancers can apply to projects if they feel they have the required skills, budget and delivery time.


The dashboard is the main hub for all the main actions on Delegation Station. There, “employers” and freelancers can monitor their activity, view notifications, view purchases, edit projects, edit proposals, cancel projects, cancel proposals, etc…

Posting a Project

Employers” can post projects at any time. The project form is simple and self explanatory.
Projects can be paid or posted for free depending on the payment settings.

Applying to a Project

Freelancers can apply to any project as long as they have the required credits. Only one application per project.

How It Works


At Delegation Station, revenue is achieved by the small fee we charge employers and freelancers to advertise and apply for tasks.  Additionally, “employers” can pay for addons.

Available addons:

  • Feature on frontpage
  • Feature on project category page
  • Mark as urgent


Revenues can be generated for freelancers by selling credits that they can use to send, edit or to feature proposals. Credits can be purchased directly from their dashboard.

Sharing Role Capabilities

Delegation Station has two main roles:

  • employer (can post projects)
  • freelancer (can apply to projects)

By default, “employers”, are only allowed to post projects and freelancers can only apply to projects. However, the site also allows for employers to be freelancers and apply to other projects and vice versa. Delegation Station caters to everyone.

An “employer” will only be an “employer/freelancer” after applying to a project, and a freelancer will only become an “employer/freelancer” after posting a project, unless they have specifically chosen ‘Both’ when registering, in which case they are already set as “employer/freelancer”.

Selecting a Candidate for a Project

When “employers” are happy with the proposals received for a project they can pick the best proposal and select a winner. At this time, employers can also specify any additional project development terms that the freelancer must agree to. The author of the winning proposal, will then be notified about their selection and can agree/decline or propose term changes. They can also specify their own development terms that the “employer” must agree to.

This flow between “employer” and freelancer will continue until both parties agree or not with each other terms.

If both parties don’t agree terms, the “employer” can select another candidate for the project.  Otherwise, if an agreement is reached, the project is immediately assigned to the freelancer and work starts. A work-space is automatically allocated to the project and both parties act as participants on the project.


The work-space is the main work hub for “employers” and freelancers. When both parties agree to work on a project, a work-space is automatically created on each user dashboard. It will contain the project main information as well as any additional attachments and also contact email addresses.

From the work-space, participants can control the project/work status and will be able to:


  • Cancel Project
  • End Project as Complete
  • End Project as Incomplete


  • End Work as Complete
  • End Work as Incomplete

Obviously, “employers” will always have full control over the project, so they can cancel or mark the project as complete or incomplete at any time. When the project work ends or is cancelled, both users will be able to leave their reviews for the project.


There’s no integrated communication channel On Delegation Station at this time. Project participants communicate with each other with a “shared” email set in their profile. This “shared” email is only visible to participants in work-space.


Reviews can be added by project participants when the project or work ends.

At DELEGATION STATION we have a list of great personal assistants that are chomping at the bit to take on and complete the tasks that you need doing. If only you could find the time to hire such skilled individuals, Well, look no further than us at Delegation Station, we have the time for you to find the right freelance operative for your requirement.

All you have to do is create your profile and add your desired service(s) – it’s as simple as that!

Your search can then begin when you access the PROVIDERS/JOBS section of the website, you are then able to view a profile and place an offer if they fit the bill!


Q1: How many credits are given to each registered user ?

A1: 5 Free Credits for each new registered user


Q2: How many credits are needed to place a proposal?

A2: 1 credit cost to place a proposal


Q3: How many credits are needed to edit a proposal?

A3: 0 credit cost to edit a proposal


Q4: How many credits are needed to feature a proposal?

A4: 3 credit cost for feature proposal


Q5: How many credits are offered to each user on the first day of each month?

A5: 5 Free Monthly Credits




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